Chris - 13 Week Result

Weight: 92.7kg to 74.2kg
Waist: 40in to 33in 

Chris is someone who was 100% committed and trusted the process. A great example of the awesome results that can be achieved in a short time period when you go all in.

Denise - Long Term

Denise is an outstanding example of what can be achieved with long term commitment to great nutrition and consistent strength training. In training she has deadlifted well over her bodyweight and worked towards being injury and pain free. We have worked together to create a nutrition program to optimise health, which has her feeling great whilst being easy and enjoyable. It’s easy to see the short term results, but sustainable and improving results over years are what are truly important. 

Fin - 7 Week Result

Fin is a great example of someone with a very strong base of training who just needed things to be optimised in the short term to improve health and productivity. 

Ajay - 12 Weeks

Jason 8 Weeks

Alex - 12 Weeks